Join us in a ruck to honor all military members, veterans and first responders who have served and sacrificed after the attacks on 9/11, Patriot Day.

Our 2nd Annual Patriot Ruck, and Detroit’s only urban ruck, which will go throughout Downtown Detroit on September 9, 2018. This event is extremely family friendly and will include great games and activities, food, music, a veteran service expo and much more upon conclusion of the Ruck! You won’t want to miss this day full of memories, bonding, challenges and un-matched camaraderie.


To put weight on your back with a “rucksack” or backpack, and go for a walk or march. Widely used as a military term, these ruck marches are incorporated into required physical training for all branches of service. Logistically, it is the same set-up as a race or walk/run, but you are instead walking with rucksacks.


The Patriot Ruck does not have any weigh-ins or weight requirements. We are extremely family-friendly and any back-pack or rucksack will work great! For those wishing for more guidance, a good minimum weight to aim for could be 10lbs, and you typically scale up from there based on your weight and level of physical fitness. As a reference, the average weight for military rucks are between 75-100lbs, and firefighter gear weighs on average 75+ lbs. These men and women are STRONG!


At registration you will have the ability to choose a 3-Mile or 6-Mile Ruck option.